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Welcome To Codetelligence

Codetelligence is a Coding Bootcamp organization, aimed at equipping youth from disadvantaged communities with digital skills. We are active citizens that have an appreciation for technology and its impact to the global community. As such we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce software development skills and job-ready skills to mostly low income communities that experience some of the greatest challenges to adoption of technology.

We are mainly focused on the North West and Western Cape provinces. We facilitate bootcamps for unemployed matriculants and workshops for teachers as they are charged with ensuring learners continue with applying newly acquired skills. We bridge the technology divide for impoverished communities as they are most impacted by lack of resources.

Meet Our Navigator

Botlholo Keoikantse Tsholofelo - A Software Developer/Course Instructor/ Learning Content Developer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

My love for coding and ICT in general is inspired by a childhood where I did not have access to a computer. I firstly encountered a computer at tertiary level. This is still a reality for many in rural areas. I am therefore using my passion to bridge this gap through training the next and current generation with relevant skills to use technology as a vehicle to provide solutions to contemporary challenges in our society.

My specific focus is on skills-transfer to the unemployed matriculants, especially those in rural areas, and later placing them on various internship programs across the country.